Tuesday, March 6, 2012

60/60 Painting Challenge

Today is the first day of our 60/60 Painting Challenge.  I'm one of 27 artists who will be painting & posting daily for 60 days.  Stan is my other half.  I'll post every other day & he will the alternate days.  I'll add him to my blog as his is inactive for the moment.  This challenge is to help improve our painting, no matter what our "normal" style is.  Typically I paint using glazes so my paintings have to dry between glazing.  My paintings take several weeks to finish.  The daily paintings will take me from an hour to several hours to complete.  This set- up was spontaneous.  I grabbed the first things I saw in my kitchen/cupboard.  After painting the pitcher & onion I saw I needed another object plus more color.  I added a poppy; umbrella-like; which gives the painting a feature of joy & fancy.  This is titled:  "Rising Above".  It is 6" X 6".  Oil on ampersand board.  SOLD

Please "Add Note" in Paypal payment indicating which painting you would like to purchase.

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